Friday, January 4, 2008


2 of my favorite bottles of perfume....yes, both French.


kecia said...

my favorite perfume is also french! it is by Herve Gambs and it is called Vanille Orientale. i'm down to my last bottle, which is about 1/2 full. i use it sparingly as i haven't been able to find it anymore! it has a nice powdery smell.

Charlie said...

Mine is Ivoire de Balmain and sadly is no longer made. I did have a broker that sells discontinued perfume.....I will try to locate the name for you.
Okay. What are the names of your perfumes Francoise?

franswazz said...

Kecia, sounds delightful. I do not know of it but if one day in France I see it, I will get it for you.

franswazz said...

I know Ivoire and I did not know that it was not being made any longer. I remember liking it a lot. Have you tried to google it?
The bottom is Diva and the top one is Apparition both Emmanuel Ungaro.

franswazz said...

I googled it and you can purchase Ivoire for as inexpensively as $18.99
for a 3.3 oz eau de toilette.
Not bad!