Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Study # 19 and So Long

Study # 19: Watercolors on khadi paper
This blog is going to hibernate. I need time to work without thinking about blogging, without spending precious moments checking blogs, even the ones I dearly like and enjoy. Occasionally I will visit here and there and  perhaps even leave a comment but basically I will stick my head down and concentrate on my own artwork.
Also my volunteer work is extremely important to me and must take precedence always over time spent online.. Pinterest and Tumblr remain areas of interest to me and therefore I will tend to them with affection:)

On another topic we came back from Florida yesterday with hardware well deserved in my estimation.
Steve got a silver in the 5k but had to scratch the track events due to his achilles problem. As for me, 4 events, 4 gold medals in the 5k, 400m, 800m and the 1500m events. After my toe fracture this summer followed by a persistent inflammation in the toes of that same foot I was able to run well and give it my very best. God is good. Indeed. I am humbled.