Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Junk Mail Book....The End

watercolors, chinese white, on junk mail paper

Finally......done! Pursuing the work until the end was, quite frankly, difficult as my head was on other things by then....but i said i would finish it and i am very stubborn! quite happy actually .... learned a lot while working on these pages. As i said before watercolor is not a medium i am familiar with. Before starting on this i was working on a woman's face so now i will happily go back to it, it's been staring at me from the corner of the room. 
PS: More dots...dots...dots....dots.. d....zzzzz....

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Junk Mail Book Pages 16 and 17

watercolors, liquid acrylics on junk papers
Okay, i'll admit, this time i knew no boundaries, i just "let it all hang out" and while i know that i have gone mad, i feel rather good about it and i had so much fun. No one has been hurt! i know close to nothing about watercolors and so i made so many mistakes and had to learn the hard way but learned i have...a thing or two.
Our roof is being redone and my studio walls, furniture and mess have been covered with plastic sheeting, weird feeling when i go in.. So since it will stay that way until late Friday, no working in the studio on the remaining pages for now, i will see this weekend. 
PS: The funny looking blue "thing" on the right page with a funny stripey tail is the continuation of the cheetah's tail (previous page), did not take much time thinking about it...

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Pages 12 Trough 15

The fish on the right is a box fish and if you look closely you will see who is lurking on the next page

Watercolors, liquid acrylics on junk mail papers

i tell you, friends, it's getting worse, my "maximalism", i mean. Now i sometimes use a magnifying glass even! But the truth is that i am having fun, so where is the sin? Go ahead, shoot me is that if your inclination, but, hee...hee...you're too far from me....i have been asking myself whether i will finish this book or not and the answer came today: yes, i will. i do not like unfinished business. Mariesel, my sisterette in Paris has closed her book, done, finished, here for your perusal. But i am  stubborn, very stubborn.
So to the left more strange sea creatures and facing them the fastest land animal, Sir Cheetah who seems to have had a slab of the box fish transplanted on the rear of his back:)