Sunday, December 16, 2007

Recent Journal Page...Party....Again!

I keep having difficulties taking accurate pictures of either my papers or my journal pages. This one is a mixed media with acrylic, pens, collaged with my own hand-printed papers.
And yes, friends, sister, brother, everybody....another party tonight. This time we are the host/hostess. Just 3 handfuls of friends and my son David and fiancee Emily...David does not know it yet but in addition to celebrating the Christmas season, we are going to toast him on his imminent birthday........December 25!
Needless to precise, (but I will anyway...)especially for those of you who do not know me, he was my all times very best, most precious Christmas present.
On the menu: artichoke/crab/jalapeno dip, hot mushrooms/brie dip, pecan-stuffed bacon-wrapped dates, bruschetta with pesto, mozarella, and tomato, mushroom turnovers, escargots en brioche, prosciutto rolls, small round "pains au lait" stuffed with beef brisket, variety of wines, Champagne punch, Asti Spumante.
I see you coming with your "did you cook all this?"
The answer in tomorrow's post.
Love you!


Charlie said...

Having three December children, the 6th, 15th, and 16th, I understand the joy of which you speak! But actually on the 25th itself, that is special!

franswazz said...

Hi Charlie,
Steve told me that in fact you are a gal!
Could it be that the cold "Ohioan" winters induce marvelous December

Charlie said...

but of course...... ;-)