Wednesday, December 5, 2007

The One Who Stands in The Sun

T.C. Cannon was a Kiowa Indian (born Caddo, he chose to become Kiowa) from Oklahoma. His father therefore gave him a Kiowa name, Pai-doung-u-day, which translates to "The One Who Stands in The Sun". T.C. Cannon was extremely talented, non only in the visual arts field but as a writer/poet, innovator, observer/commentator. He studied intensely history particularly American Indian history, as well as philosophy and political sciences, in addition to his regular art classes at the IAIA (Institute of American Indian Art) in Santa Fe starting in 1964. He was soon to become famous.
This promising and beautiful artist's life ended in 1978 at the age of 31.
I made this small painting in homage to him, a few years ago, using his representative images and colors.
As stated by author Sally Monahan Zogry "he stands in the sun still".

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