Monday, December 10, 2007

THE Party....

Pictures at the MZA Christmas Party (My husband's company). It was just lovely, in the beautiful setting of Los Poblanos Inn in the village of Los Ranchos.
We had a great caterer, a wonderful jazzy band, and the champagne punch was....well......flowing and simply the best.
The host and hostess and son, fiancee and the cousin'son...


David Barnes said...

Dear M,

Many Readers of this blog have made it known to me that they would enjoy more updates on the three rapidly maturing poulets which have recently begun appearing on this page.



kecia said...

what a darling couple you are. look how adoring your husband is! and you my dear, look lovely in your holiday finest!

can you email me your address? (last name too please! and spell your name for me, 'cuz i think i am misspelling it!)
thanks sweetie!