Tuesday, December 4, 2007

No Good Drawing, Nice Little Top for Cristmas Party

Did a drawing, left it on my sketch pad, could not rescue it. There are days like that, right? But at least I found that special cute little dressy top for the MZA party this Saturday.... all shiny silver sequined. When I think that I used to love going out shopping....not any more! This morning got up at 6:06 to go to the gym: 50 minutes of pool work, not one ounce lost!!! Tomorrow, will get up at the same time to go to the gym and bike for 30 minutes and then work out with weights. Sorry, nothing else exciting going on....for now. Hugs to all

1 comment:

kecia said...

the top is beautiful! i will have to take a photo for you of this gold seqin top i have. (sounds very disco-ish, but it's not!)