Thursday, November 8, 2007

Working Away!

Well, off I hoped a wonderful workshop, just about too much to learn but I am not complaining.
We made a bunch of papers, I chose rose, crimsonish, sienna, umber, a little sober green, of course blackish and parchment ivory. Some better than others....bien sur!
Started carving my gigantic stamp. (picture).
On the way back to the B&B my hostess, who is also taking the class, took me to a
gorgeous "point de vue"...see for yourself...the river is the Tennessee river.
Then back in my room and after a stop at the local LS (alright, you all,liquor store)
I offer Anne and Pat (the latter another workshop participant) a glass of our favourite red wine these days, Earthquake Petite Syrah......Yummy, delish etc...
Now back to my carving this monster 10" x 10" image.

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