Thursday, July 30, 2009

Nob Hill race and My Birthday

On Saturday evening at 8:30pm we did the Inaugural Nob Hill 5K....a frightening experience because of the time, the heat and the humidity (almost 90F or presque 32 c)....It was brutal. No other woman my age (smart) so I got a 1st place medal. Steve and Marion were 3rd of their age group, congratulations! Oh, btw, my time a horrible 28'08"

Afterwards we went for a bite to eat at a cafe and celebrated my birthday and the end of the race. Indispensable Sergio on the left and Marion la Gazelle des Déserts. We are wearing our medal!

on Sunday we celebrated my birthday with DavEm at their lovely apartment and David's half birthday, how fun!

That morning I had made our favorite sweet thing, a cream cheese lemon pound cake with lemon glazing, no guilt here!
So, yes, all of this is already in the passes so fast!

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Marion said...

LOVED your lemon cake :)