Monday, July 6, 2009

Back to the 4TH...

David 's great idea to carry all the stuff to the park...times are hard, you know, financial crisis and all....

The park was all for us...nobody in sight

Getting settled

First things first...quenching our thirst

DavEm had everything beautifully prepared and neatly arranged

The necessities

We had to match the paper plate!

DavEm made some delicious curried empanaditas-type little goodies

What sign? Never saw it, officer!

Can't have a picnic without it, right?

Or may-be you prefer this "lemonade"?.....Looking into my cup...

R & R

Madeleine who lives in the neighborhood came to chat...She is French and has been in the US since 1955

We laughed and giggled a lot, the day was per-fect

After packing and dropping everything back at their place we went for a leisurely walk in DavEm's neighborhood, it was peaceful, blue skies, cute little white clouds drifting, sun shining...What memories we made!


Anonymous said...

Ca va ! La vie est belle, du pain, du vin, manque plus que le boursin...Mais la tarte? miam miammmm....
Le raton laveur vous mange de ses petits yeux..
et moi de bisous.

franswazz said...

Mignonnette Anonyme, non, il ne nous manquait pas le boursin mais une certaine anonyme-raton-laveur....Mille bises a toi!