Monday, August 6, 2012

More.... better (at least for me:) I started adding watercolor as soon as I began working on my khadi paper sketchbook. I simply LOVE this handmade paper. See here and here or here
I find it, well, voluptuous!
I have bought the heavy rough type in various sizes.I also have the same paper in loose square sheets. They have gorgeous deckled edges on 4 sides..Hiromi seems to be out of these right now but they tell me that they will be getting some more. Next I will try the smooth one.
Enough for the sketches, next,  soon, some tiny paintings, mostly watercolor but some collages too.


jinxxxygirl said...

I just love everything you've been posting! Amazing! I love how 'organic' they are or seem to me anyway......just lovely! Thanks so much for sharing.

franswazz said...

Jinxxxygirl, Sorry for my rudeness!
I meant to say thank you way before!
Yes, very organic, most of them anyway.
How is the running? I am back running after 8 weeks out because of a foot fracture, all good now though:)