Sunday, August 5, 2012

About Time....

...that I go back to my blog!
What happened?

At first I felt that I was going in circles with my work, nothing new, nothing exciting so I decided to take a break.....that,  and the fact that the running and racing season had started and with a new running coach I wanted to train seriously.
Then busy living, a broken toe, a trip to Paris, , is good, very very good.
And of course I could not stay away for a long time from my sketchbooks (a lot of Haeckel).


lynne h said...

francoise! i am so happy to see you! really, my face lit up when i saw you over in my sidebar!

i love what you've been doing, and i think you were wise to take a blogging break...



Angela Recada said...

It sounds like you've spent your time well! I love what you've been doing in your sketchbooks. Welcome back!

franswazz said...

Lynne, what a joy!
Thank you so much for your visit and comment. I was thinking of you at times as I was doing these detailed drawings....sometimes with a magnifier.....ha..ha
I am rather high-strung (even at 70 years of age:) and I find calm in this work.

franswazz said...

Dear Angela, many thanks too for your visit and your warm welcome!
It was indeed a good thing, this break but now I am back and full of ideas. We'll see how they develop:)I will be posting what I have done, some of it not at all tedious work:)