Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Huntsman World Senior Games: The Track

Nice young man, very sweet

Several colorful layers for the Barbados team


This lady from Barbados won many golds, she was fast but fortunately not in my age group, younger!

It was fun watching these guys...they too are FAST!

Hubby watching the track events

See, we were there, we were not making it up

Stretching on the field. I was a bit nervous

Nice lady, retired Phys ed teacher, older age group, I had to pass her, sorry!

Here we are after the events. I am surrounded by 2 younger women. Candy #467 was very fast! My legs were skinny, having stopped my training because of the knee injury....did not prevent me from running though:). #478, Helen, early 80's and Kathy #462 from Canada

Kathy, originally from Liverpool, England and I parading our medal.


Marion said...

Beautiful pictures, beautiful runner (you), beautiful medal, beautiful landscape... Beautiful trip it looks like !

franswazz said...

Yes, indeed it was a lot of fun....except for the food but the most beautiful was the discovery of Zion National Park, magnificent...pics tomorrow