Thursday, August 27, 2009

The New Girls

The girls in their new (temporary) quarters. They need to be isolated for a while.

Our 2 Plymouth Barred rocks, about 8 weeks old, very gentle, layers of large brown eggs.

One of the Ameraucanas (layers of beautiful greenish/bluish eggs)

The 2 Ameraucanas with the one on the left that I will most likely name thinking needed, easy!

Well, friends, I did it, that is I got new pullets. Steve and I drove Tuesday night all the way to the South Valley to meet Paul and Eunice, very nice folks, sellers of pullets. We had waited until dark to make the transfer easier but still the younger ones were not in the mood to be grabbed;-) Paul tempted them with a sunflower (they laughed at him), then he resorted to an old apple lying there by their coop but they were highly suspicious...ha...ha...ha....He was able to get one but for the second one it took him quite some time to finally be able to get his hands on a new pair of legs! By then he was almost completely inside the enclosure, crawling on his knees and arms because the roof was very low...quite a sight, what patience!

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