Saturday, August 15, 2009

Marion Gave a Party.....

...yesterday, to celebrate my race and medal. She has been a wonderful supporter, a super fun and generous friend. When we arrived at Sergio's and Marion's yesterday evening I was overwhelmed by her thoughtfulness and kindness. She thought of everything in details to make me feel welcome and celebrated: The balloons, the French flag, the card, the gifts, the food, even medals (with a velcro attachment in the back of the ribbon) for "the team" (DavEm, Steve and this one). DavEm too were adorable with flowers, card and gift. For those who know me well, it will come to no surprise when I mention the water in my eyes.
Check this yummy chocolate/banana crumble affectionately baked by Miss Marion for this bronze medalist:)

Above, our hosts, picture taken earlier after the Nob Hill run.

Monsieur le Sergio on the right, handsome and most charming of hosts.

DavEm in the middle, cute Marion's back, busy hostess!

The delicious spread

Love my balloons!

Notice the tiny silver charm (bottom right)? That is a little (really?) female runner, love it! Il Vicino is a gift card from DavEm to a nice restaurant , what a treat.
And a little book "Reach to the Stars" with beautiful inspiring quotes....for my next race!

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Marion said...

Ohh I'm blushing :) Thank YOU for being such a cool lady and such a great friend. Luv u !!