Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Very Useful Phrase

I just learned it in my doctor's office waiting for him (it was posted on the wall in several languages including, amazingly, in English.

cam xu dung dien thoai di dong

Translation: please do not use your cell phone in the clinic.

You may want to try it in a variety of foreign countries such as Korea, Vietnam, Thailand, Buhtan, etc. It did not mention in which language this was written so it might work in one of the above or elsewhere...You can be assured, whether in the country of origin or not, your declaration will raise many an eyebrow and surely some surprised gazes from the people around you! Let me know.
In any case a very useful sentence indeed for the traveler!
By the way, try pronouncing it, I myself, find it deliciously musical...the translation is a bit more prosaic

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