Sunday, June 21, 2009

Misc. Pictures

Back to Pasqual's in Santa Fe to celebrate Em's birthday and Father's day.

Always colorful!

Along Canyon Road we encountered 3 baby raccoons....I was not quick enough to capture them...poor little guys, they were kind of scared.

The beautiful Lily of the Nile which has not bloomed for a couple of years has four buds this year.

I marvel looking at one exquisitely perfect

Another one is opening

This is the little clematis I planted the other day, doing ok.

I know, you guys are getting tired of CoKonut, but we are not!

So cute, so dignified!


marie said...

C'est très beau tout ça, mais j'en suis fatiguée pour toi! Comment fais-tu?

franswazz said...

Mers-El-Kebir mais surtout ne te sens pas fatiguee a cause de moa:)