Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Petite Birthday Party

Steve showered me with roses and glads, we had tons of delicious food including grilled shrimp, plenty of nice drinks to chose from, and of course some bubbly...even Coconut showed up for the party demanding some tidbits of beef barbecue. She had planted herself right smack in the middle of the table but after chasing her twice she consented to remain on the floor!


Anonymous said...

c'est qui le bel homme bronzé qui est sur le devant de la 2 ème photo ??? et à droite, on dirait Margaux Hemingway...j'aime ton petit air penché.
l'intrigante anonymous

franswazz said...

My Dear Intrigante Anonyme,
Gracias for your visit...want to call and talk. Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL
Will tell you qui sont ces personnes.