Thursday, July 31, 2008

Miscellaneous Garden Things...

Finally, what a leaf! Since I have not grown up near banana trees (none growing in the streets of Montmartre (yes, that would be in Paris, France...) back then...probably still the case now!!!) I LOVE watching these humongous leaves develop in such a short time, oh, how I love them! Fact is I have a tremendous amount of respect for them too. Length of this one: 23.5" or 60cms. Wow... Then this semi-little spider which I also admire (you have seen them here before, yes!) for her talent of seamstress and her artistic costume. And now a not so good shot of this elusive blue dragonfly but still worth it I believe. They are extremely fussy (unlike the copper ones). I'll keep trying...perhaps I will jump in the pond, hide my head behind a big waterlily leaf, wait patiently and hope for the be continued.

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