Saturday, June 21, 2008

The Canon Powershot G9

Wow!.........After much research, talking to my sister who owns one, talking with Steve......I decided (with Steve's blessing) to get the Canon Powershot I said, WOW! We were expecting friends over tonight so after charging the battery I quickly shot a couple of pictures...not the greatest artistically but great pictures for just pressing the button-between making the marinade for our grilled shrimp and setting everything up and ready....nuts..olives, cheese platter, etc.


marie said...

ah ah! Aussitôt dit aussitôt fait!
Alors alors? J'espère que celui-ci ne va pas "lens errorer"... Ni le mien d'ailleurs!


franswazz said...

Marie la Belle,
True, I was rather usual...but I think that this is a good decision. Hugs