Thursday, October 13, 2011


i started our next project, cracked plaster applied on a substrate using burlap. Because i am an idiot i quickly applied the wrong surface (plaster) down on my canvas heavily covered with glue! i went into panic mode but was able to remove most of the glue. The plaster is not yet fully dry. You can see some yellowish glue spots still. Talk about a humbling moment.....


Soizikette said...

Je ne comprend pas exactement ce que tu as voulu faire
ni ce qu'est le burlap ...mais je trouve ça superbe on dirait du marbre ! quant aux taches jaunes il faut une
loupe et elles ne me dérangent pas du tout.
Je suis à St pierre en ce moment à surveiller les ouvriers qui travaillent dans mon jardin, j'ai plein d'ennuis et je dois encore faire un scanner et autres em..... en rentrant Samedi à Paris !
UUn jardin plein de bisous

marie said...

hi hi hi!

Paula S In New Mexico said...

I saw this technique in the Stephanie and Judy plaster book. Did you take their online class? I've been thinking about buying the dvd workshop from them because I liked the book so much.

A couple of weeks ago I was in Santa Fe and saw this technique on a huge scale in a gallery there. It looked just wonderful and I'm most encouraged to give it a try.

I like what you've achieved here even if it was a mistake it appears to be a happy one at least. I like the colors.