Sunday, July 11, 2010

Today's Race

In 2 weeks I'll celebrate my 68th birthday and if you ask me I am very  blessed  and grateful indeed!
Thank you God!


Marion said...

Congratulations !!! Je suis immensement fiere de toi. A presque 68 ans, tu continues d'ameliorer tes performances en course a pied... Incroyable!!

franswazz said...

Thank you and congratulations to YOU for winning your age group after:

1- running around trying to get paperwork, doctor's visit,etc..for days, stressing out because of certain phone calls
2- Getting married 2 days before the race
3- giving a party for some 30 people the night before the race, cleaning out afterwards
4- sleeping poorly the night before
5- Not doing any race-specific training at all

BRAVO, wild little gazelle!
And bisous!

swazziket said...

Bravo à la championne de presque 68 ans et ses valeureuses petites gambettes ainsi qu'à la rayonnante
jeune mariée capable de réussir tant de choses en si peu de temps :) (:
Bises à toutes les deux et Bravissimo :