Thursday, January 14, 2010

Worshop Exercise

This is my original photo for making the brush

I could not take a long time, so much to learn and stopped at this picture. Sorry for this white background, this is how it has been saved from Photoshop.

I took this picture (taken in January '08) and did most steps learned in the chapter on brushes including the saving of my new brush..... get this one. Not looking to produce a masterpiece here but finish the exercise!
I finally succeeded in making my own brush and saving it after many attempts, extreme frustration and even a few tears, yeah, that's what it takes, blood, sweat and tears!
The brush that I made and used above was made using my photo of a passion flower and playing with it.Now I have to make a couple more brushes just to polish a litle my newly acquired "savoir"


marie said...

mais tu aimes souffrir, hein!

soizikette said...

Quels animaux féeriques sous des non moins gracieux flocons de neige !

franswazz said...

C'est vrai, on dirait des flocons de neige mais en fait ce sont les impressions faites par la "brush" que je venais de terminer, en forme de fleur de la passion:)Voir au dessus