Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Steve's Birthday

Starting to assemble the ingredients for the cake. I made it last year and blogged about it. Called Teddie's Cake I got the recipe from the New York Times, 1973) And of course I had to add my little touch....calvados!

Look how cute the marks left by the glass pebbles at the bottom of my quiche. That's what I use during the pre-baking so that the dough remains nice and flat.

So yummy, escargots en brioche (Trader Joe's)

It was last Friday....but better late than never, right?


marie said...

Oui, oui, mieux vaut tard que jamais. On se demande où vous mettez toutes ces bonnes choses que vous faites semblant (ce doit être ça) de manger. C'est peut-être la photo, mais vous m'avez l'air tous bien minces. En fait, je suis jalouse, mfff...

Gros bisous d'une gourmande un peu enrobée.

DJ said...

Hi there! I'm getting ready to send a newsletter for the photoshop online class coming up in January. You mentioned being interested, but I don't have your email address. Can you send it if you would like to be on the mailing list?
PS the photo of the marble impressions in the quiche dough is fabulous! It would make a great texture image in photoshop :-)