Thursday, November 12, 2009

Adding a Little Color

These faces are very quick sketches

Moving ever so slowly...I am at a point where I need to add some color to define areas but the shape of this girl is not ok...trying some hair (she needs a haircut, badly!), trying a variety of faces (this one is just sitting on top). There are certain spots where I have no idea of what to do...blanking out.
Since I am shooting from above, there are shiny spots and unevenness here and there. What is fun is trying some totally new techniques and that was the goal of this exercise in black and white.


soizikla said...

Ah mais ça prend forme on dirait, la première me semble plus féminine que la seconde, dont le visage me semble plus masculin... pour la couleur, j'attend la suite du feuilleton qui est tout à fait passionnant :
Le petit moineau curieux
Mille bises

marie said...

Et oui, je savais bien que ça allait se beautifuler. Comme dit Soizikla, attendons la suite. Perso, je préfère le visage du bas, celle du haut fait fillette, je trouve. Avec quoi as-tu fait les couleurs? Acrylique?