Saturday, May 30, 2009

Las Cruces Trip

The Gold medal. I broke the 2002 record by 2' 51"with a time of 26'58".

This is a journal page dating from august 2007 when I knew that I would not be able to go to the New Mexico Senior Olympics because of injury...I was pretty upset then.

Gray and windy on our way

Threatening skies

Steve took this picture at about 5:30am right before the start

The line up...

From checking the evening before I was ready for a course with a long hill at the beginning, steeper than described!


The finish! Check the huge crowds cheering:)

My fellow competitors in age group 65-69: next to me the silver, then the bronze and the 4th place winner with her ribbon

I passed Lynn at the beginning but later on she passed me and beat me by 55 seconds (her age group 55-59). Very nice young woman.

Esther, 79 years young from Acoma pueblo and in brilliant yellow Inez from Los Alamos

I am not proud:)

Another Senior Olympian, Jeanette, full of life!

In front of our hotel before going home

On our way skies, sunny!

On the way back to Albuquerque we stopped for my reward, a gift from my son David who gave me a McDo certificate...He knew that I had been shamelessly drooling (for 1 year) for fast food (sorry slow-food folks), i.e., French fries and a fish sandwich.
All pictures from the race are by darling hubby Steve! Thank you, dear husband!


Marion said...

Coucou petite prune-éclair,
Alors, qu'est-ce que ça a donné à Las Cruces?? J'ai vu que tu avais remporté une médaille, mais encore?? Entre parenthèses, votre hôtel, c'était un Best Western, non? C'est celui où Maman, Ariel et moi avions séjournée il y a 3 ans. Congratulations!! Love your "skort". Je pars lundi matin à Grenoble pour passer une semaine d'examens :( Plein de grosses bises

soizikette said...

Bravo, petite gazelle élégantissime,
médaille d'or aussi de la plus jolie
silhouette et de la plus chic je n'aurai meme pas eu une médaille en chocolat, pauvre roseau couché par le vent.Merci gentil Steve, pour ces photos qui nous font vivre la course!!
La tortue fragile

marie said...

Je savais que ça méritait au moins roses, mais j'aurais dû en envoyer plus! Congratulations, winner!

Charlie said...

You are one amazing woman! Congratulations!


franswazz said...

Marion, a gold medal and new record.
non, pas un Best Western mais Quality Inn, tres bien je dois dire.
Merci de ton passage sur mon blog et tes felicitations:). Cela fait tres plaisir, n'est-ce-pas?
Je vais penser a toi, petite estudiante tres pointue, a partir de demain.
Bon courage et bonne chance avec tout plein de bises affectueuses

franswazz said...

Soizikette, tes commentaires sont super delicieux et j'avoue que je les partage avec Steve qui est rempli d'admiration.
D'ailleurs lui et moi avons decide de chercher une medaille en chocolat car tu la merites beaucoup. Ce sera difficile il me semble mais on espere....
Comme chacun sait le roseau se courbe , meme peut-etre jusqu'a terre mais il est fort et ne se brise pas...comme toi petite Tortue Adorable!

Marie, thank you for the roses (2) and for the congrats. How is the walking coming along?

franswazz said...

Charlie, thank you so much for taking the time!
It is true that I have worked very hard these past 7 months...but what is even "truer" is God's goodness. Last year I thought that perhaps I would never run again...see?

Anonymous said...

Wow, the gold medal! Well done, you. You inspire me in many ways.

I've begun making art papers, as per your demonstration. It's a slow process, and unfortunately my head is filled with beaucoup things I want to decorate with the many different art papers I don't have yet! Ah well, onward!

Your recent visitor,
Christine (Jeff's wife)

franswazz said...

Sorry for the delay in thanking you for your visit to my blog!
I regret that we did not have time to play with papermaking/painting/ is so much better to watch as it is being demonstrated, hands on, paints, stamps, brushes, combs, etc...
Perhaps are you coming down this way in not too long a time?
I would be happy to give you a mini-class!
In the meantime keep it up, send me pictures!