Saturday, March 28, 2009

Monotype Workshop

Got these 4 done....quite messy to use a brayer to spread the ink (that must be at the right consistency, usually mixed with a few drops of retarder...I said "retarder", not retarded!) onto your plexiglas plate, then you quickly draw or add some bits of paper or strings or whatever to add texture onto the plate and then you turn the plate and apply it onto your paper, flip it (however NOT like a crepe) to put it under the printing press...aie...aie...aie..too much ink and you get puddles, not enough and you get...insipid nothing colors....well hopefully you get the point.
Upon looking at the results you can leave it as is or you can do a 2nd printing over it.
The only one that was left "as is" is the 2nd one.
I had tons of fun and learned a lot, loved it!


Anonymous said...

Tu nous étonneras toujours, favori le
N°2, spontané,3 jolies, fragiles et gracieuses petites fleurs,de droite à gauche :
Marion, la voyageuse,PMolette, l'artiste et la souris dodue et malicieuse dont les moustaches frémissent d'admiration !
Les 3 groupies

marie said...

Anonymous est désormais mon porte-parole, comme tu peux le voir ci-dessus : je ne saurais mieux dire.

franswazz said...

Souris Dodue, tu me fais mourir de bien lisse tes moustaches avant d'aller a la messe ce matin????

franswazz said...

Marie, je suis muette devant ton commentaire, bises:)