Thursday, February 5, 2009

A Peaceful Visit

Peaceful, however interested...everyday I put out fresh seeds (no hulls) for the birds and a bowl of water they come.
I know some might question "you blog the picture of a sparrow?" so here is my answer:

1- In winter they need our help: food is rare and water too often unavailable in these parts and frozen in the early morning.
2- If I only see a single lowly sparrow I am blessed 3 times over because I can see, I can hear its sweet sound and I witness life.
So YES, at times I will put some pictures of lowly little things, (maybe soon an ant or an earthworm?) perhaps little, perhaps humble, perhaps not so colorful but to me, examples of what we call LIFE. precious.


Anonymous said...

Tu en as de la veine de voir d'aussi mignonnes petites créatures du Bon Dieu, sparrow, est ce que c'est une espèce de moineau ?
La pie qui chante, à la petite colombe

franswazz said...

Ma Petite Pie Gentille,
Oui, c'est un moineau.
Ils viennent sur le haut du mur (bas) de notre petite cour. Je les vois de la cuisine.