Friday, November 28, 2008


From bottom up:
Us (courtesy pic by Emily)
Davem gave us a beautiful gift but the wrapping was perhaps even more so!
Our champagne
Our dinner food...lobster etc.,
Steve's gift to me: in my name he gave through Heifer the following
A cow
A pig
A goat
A sheep
A flock of chickens
A flock of geese
A flock of ducks
And a whole bunch of honeybees
To be given to needy families around the world. Check their site:
How absolutely magnificent a husband, what a dear beloved treasure!
NO, you can't have him!


Marion said...

What a great present Steve "gave" you... It is a magnificent idea, you must be very proud and happy :)

franswazz said...

Thank you! Yes, I am very happy and it is quite fun to use my imagination to see faces with beautiful smiles as they receive the news...or the cute farm animals (I LOVE these and Steve knows that)....I am a farm girl at heart :-)