Monday, September 1, 2008

The Race

Immediately above, our friend Sergio arriving at the finish line with a super wonderful time of 3:33.
Then my young French friend Marion who did an amazing time of 3:28 and made me so I was yelling "go Marion" and "vive la France". These two ran the New Mexico Marathon! I do not understand what this really means......ouch..ouch...ouch
Finally my very own darling champion/hubby finishing his 5k...2nd in his age group. Check his feet, he is airborne!
I am very proud of him!


Marion said...

Hey little sauterelle,

Thank you for those pictures of us, we enjoyed them!! Little correction: he did 3:33, I did 3:28 I am SO proud of my sweetie!! Look at him crossing the finish line :-) Steve looks great in spite of how fast he went, he looks fresh, ready for another round! And finally special thanks to my cutest, most lively supporter, Miss Tinguette!! gros bisous

Faten said...

Et bien bravo à tous et surtout au grand champions le mari.
Merci beaucoup pour ton gentil commentaire sur mon blog, et puis musulmane ou pas, cela ne fais absolument aucune difference. Merci
Et puisque on est en pleine période du ramadan, je preparerai pleins de recettes Algérienne, donc si tu es interessé passe me voir. Bonne soirée