Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Of Chicken Dish, Exercise and a Shaved CocoNut

What a title, but here it is, altogether in one post for fun: First the chicken dish: Chicken legs with tomatoes and black olives...quick and delicious Second I need to exercise to get to eat what's in my plate, picture courtesy of hubby Steve Third our new cat CocoNut(like "new" Tide or "new" whatever) shaved, thanks to the skillful hands of my son David, with my assistance....we were in the midst of cat hair, in the eyes, around our nose, mouth, etc...itching, miserable but it is almost done. She had so many tangles and knots that this was the only thing to do, contrary to what she told us. We think she is very sexy like this.
Recipe for the asking


Marion said...

Coconut looks hilarious like this!! I think David and you should team up and open a hair- or rather furr-dressing business!! This chicken looks fabulous, and you look very cute exercising :)

franswazz said...

Marion, merci for your fun comments.
Oh,gosh, I was a nervous wreck even just holding her as David was passing the razor through her fine and totally tangled hair......I'd rather starve...I think!