Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Last Day of October...... a good day to post these 2 little paintings. I thought that I had posted them before but no:) An easy explanation: they were posted on my other sites.
Mixed Media on khadi paper

Mixed Media on khadi paper
I had drawn shapes on gampi paper (extremely fine paper). I used some of these to collage onto the khadi substrate. Once dried they almost  appear as if the shapes are drawn directly on the khadi. I really like that process which enables me to play with the placement of these shapes prior to gluing them.I also drew directly on the paper.Mostly watercolors were used.


lynne h said...

oh, sigh, francoise... i love everything you do...


Lisa Graham Art said...

Why do I always feel so relaxed when I look at your art...these botanical bits of color and wonder.

Where do you buy your paper? I had to google both kinds you mention here and they look very nice.