Wednesday, September 5, 2012


The one above was done while visiting my sister in Paris recently (for her)

This one was done back home on my khadi paper. One kinda busy, the other one an experiment in restraint!
Less feels naked:)


Lisa Graham Art said...

More gorgeous works! And aaaaahhh....did you love Paris? I want to go so badly.

Angela Recada said...

Beautiful shapes and colors! I really like both pieces, but I'm like you, empty space does feel naked (but in a good way)! :0)

franswazz said...

Lisa, YES, of course I loved Paris, that is my home town:) Plus there lives my beloved sister, last one of my immediate family.
We had a ball even though I had a foot fracture (from running). She is very artistic. We did work together: how fun!
Thank you. Will go visit tomorrow:)

Angela, when I left a comment the other day I forgot to ask for a hint as to what was coming....thanks for the visit as always it is appreciated.
♥♥♥ to both