Monday, November 7, 2011


6"x10", oil pastels, casein, graphite, watercolors on a page from my vintage book "Encyclopedia of Chinese painting",. The Universal Book Company, pub.
i wonder how many of us have been inspired by Lynne Hoppe.....i have found a couple of folks out there but is that all? i think not! i hesitated about my "Inconnue" because, well you know, because of the strangeness, but both Steve and i liked her instantly so she feels secure now, part of the family.
Now working on some plaster piece in the studio and thinking about what i could do to the empty rind of a half grapefruit which has now hardened beautifully....whew, a mouthful:)

A few hours later:
i am reading over my post and i realize that with my pathetic English i poorly expressed myself  (misleading): when i wrote "a couple of folks",  i meant people who were inspired to actually draw/paint faces in the manner of Lynne...we all know what an inspiration she is to so many people in so many different ways.


Paula S In New Mexico said...

Lynn's work is wonderful. Not many like hers. I like what you've created here.....she has a lovely expression.

amy said...

this is lovely.

very very pretty.


Angela Recada said...

I absolutely adore Lynne Hoppe's work, and Inconnue is absolutely wonderful! She is very like Lynne's wonderful faces, but definitely has your own touch. Very nice!

lynne h said...

oh i love her, francoise... xoxo

marie said...

Que dire après tous ces commentaires de tes fans? Tu joues dans la cour des grands, maintenant. Moi pas savoir... Sauf que je la trouve très sympa et délicate. Elle a la bosse des maths?

franswazz said...

Paula, Amy, Angela and Lynne, thank you, merci, gracias for your gracious words.
Lynne a special merci to you for your generous sharing.
xoxo to you all but above all peace♥♥♥

franswazz said...

Marie, tu me fais rire avec la bosse des maths:)
pour toi, ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥

Lisa Graham Art said...

I can't tell you how much I love this piece. Absolutely love it! You gave her such a sweetness.

franswazz said...

Thank you Lisa! What a nice thing to say♥♥♥

Claire Fo..... (mais pas Fontaine) said...

Merci pour Happy Birthday!!!!

Becsbecsbecs du Québec!