Monday, September 12, 2011

Plaster Work

About 7,5" x 9,5", plaster on board, hand made stencil from my photo of a dragonfly, commercial stencil, acrylics, copic marker, watercolor, Distress Inks.
Dragonfly Kanji


Sainz Design said...

Hiya! This is Bluegirl here. We were in the same silly course together last fall. Just wanted to tell you that I find your new works done using plaster very nice. today's work has a dreamy-oriental quality to it. Just love the color combination and the way the plant seems to grow into the upper part of the canvas.

marie said...

eh bien voilà, le commentaire ci-dessus qui n'est pas de ta soeur te montre que ce tableau mérite plus de compliments que tu ne le penses.
Bravo soeurette, il est très chouette! (ça rime!)