Friday, November 26, 2010

The Feast

This is their version of Macaroni and cheese (4 cheeses, 2 types sausages)
A few pics: I did not take many, too busy enjoying the  delectable food prepared by Chefs DavEm. They make quite a pair! Their turkey was roasted to a spectacular shiny deep gold, the breast meat tender and delicious, the dark meat (my favorite) beyond words.. David told me part of their secret: A little duck fat to baste the bird. After all, turkeys, ducks, they all get along quite well, don't they? For desserts 2 yummy pies: pecan pie and cranberry pumpkin pie, wow, so yummy! And the best thing of all is that we all have plenty of these delicious treats left for a couple of least!

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marie said...

Et alors, et alors, le régime?
Combien de pounds reprises?
Comment elle va courir, la fille?