Sunday, October 10, 2010

The Fight Against Breast Cancer

The Susan G Komen Race for the Cure took place this morning. While it definitely had some nice touches for survivors in particular, the organizers demonstrated once again their inability (lack of interest?) to take the "race" side of things with some seriousness: after making  the runners 's ritual restroom stop (some 4 to 5 minutes before race time), I found out that the race had already started! No problem there, right? Let's start that whole thing early so we can be done and go home ! I got immensely frustrated and thought of giving up for in front of me were hundreds of "walkers" and runners. But mad, I started running and passing, running and passing when a young runner asked me "did you win last year?" and when I replied yes, she added "Oh, you're the one! My mother arrived second and wanted to beat you this morning". I told her that if she was ahead, she probably would.....which made me run faster...ha..ha...ha...At least the weather was perfect for a race.
Surprise: Kelley Garcia in pink tutu
I did arrive 1st (survivors)after all this but I have no way of knowing what my time was!
Steve was pretty much in the same boat!


soizikette said...

Anyway, bravissimo et Vive la vie en rose et je remets une louche de ♥♥♥ c'est toujours les
mêmes LOL...

Marion said...

Heather, la niece de Sergio, courait aussi ce matin, et elle m'a dit que la course a commence vers 8h50, elle etait toujours en train de marcher vers la ligne de depart quand elle a vu les coureurs s'elancer... N'importe quoi !!
En tout cas, malgre tout ca, tu as gagne, yet again?? BRA-VO !!! Une nouvelle montre Swiss Army cette annee? grosses bises

Yvonne said...

congratulations!! I can imagine your frustration... I'm missing the Squeen's glasses here, though, I think they would have looked great with your running outfit ;) it was great to virtually meet you through 'Silly', hopefully we'll meet again!

franswazz said...

Thank you guys for the comments.
Zikette, je vois que tu fais les petits ♥ maintenant, comment t-es-tu debrouillee?

Marion,non, pas de prix cette annee. Apres tout cela, je ne pense pas que je vais faire cette course l'annee prochaine.

Yvonne, thank you for your congrats and fun comments! Yes the glasses would have looked fine but, oh my, I would not have been able to run fast with them