Saturday, February 27, 2010

Earthquake in Chile

We could have lost our friends today: they are OK, gracias a Dios!
Marion and Sergio were pretty much in the middle of it and they are fine, best great news!


Marion said...

Merci, petite Françoise, pour cette gentille pensée! We are alive and well, just shaken (literally) and still shaking because of the aftershocks (over 100 of them since yesterday's quake). We were really lucky, our hearts go out to those who lost everything and/or loved ones in this tremendous quake. We watched Chilean TVN yesterday and realized how lucky we were after seeing disastrous images of toppled buildings just 100 km from us... Went to Valparaiso yesterday for lunch (it's about 10 km away from here), some buildings fell to the ground. Our nicely built earthquake resistant building saved us in the middle of the night. Thank God for smart engineers :)

franswazz said...

Petite Marion, les nouvelles ,dulChili ne sont pas bonnes, comme cela me fait de la peine. Quelle catastrophe! Je plains de tout mon coeur ces pauvres personnes qui sont maintenant sans abri, sans parler de ceux qui ont perdu un etre cher

franswazz said...

I clicked too quickly without having finished my sentence, oh well!
Nous venons de passer 2 journees a nous emerveiller devant les exploits incroyables de personnes comme Bernard Lagat, Lolo Jones, Terrence Trammel, Carmelita Jeter, Galen Rupp, etc...aux 2010 USATF Indoor Championships, ici a Albuquerque. Cela nous a change les idees je dois avouer. C'etait tout simplement passionnant.
Take good care, a tres bientot.
Mille bisous