Monday, September 14, 2009

Susan Komen Race for the Cure

Everything is PINK for the Susan G Komen Race for the Cure

My medal with some gifts 6:30am...for survivors and family, photo by Marion

During the Pink Parade (survivors)..The lady to my left is in the middle of her radiation treatment

I'm getting to the podium: left Nicole Brady from KOB TV4, then Tom Joles, the 2 main anchors. All the way to the right is our Lieutenant Governor Diane Denish.

I love to speak.....sometimes

Steve just got his medal

Marion la Jolie got hers

No, we are not proud, not at all....LOL!

Back at home

As you can see I am wearing the color of the day, a very discreet pink..
Some pictures were taken by Steve., a couple by Marion la Gazelle
We all got medals:
Steve was 1st in male 18 to 49
Marion was
2nd in female 18 to 49
I was 1st survivor and therefore 1st senior survivor.
The local TV Eyewitness news channel 4 was there with Tom Joles and Nicole Brady....I was interviewed but the segment was cut off....probably a good thing for the guy (not Tom Joles) kept asking me the same questions and I was desperately trying to find new adjectives to describe the same thing...."it's awesome....wonderful feeling...very happy....moving....terrific...." you get the point!
My knee was fine for the race but I did not push too hard, time 26'45", same as race last Sunday.
Later on I will post a picture of the beautiful watch I won along with the medal.


Marion said...

LOVE the pics, the renewal of your blog, and your butt sitting on a beach towel comment... Died laughing with that. And I also love the pic I took of the two of you surrounded by balloons at the pre-race breakfast. Good job guys!!

franswazz said...

Thank you for the visit!
It is so fun to look at them now.And btw I am sorry for my mistake of not giving you credit for the pic you took of the 2 of us- now corrected:)MERCI!

marie said...

bienvenue sur ton blog, et bravo pour les courses à tous!


Anonymous said...

Enfin, la vie en rose revient,ça nous manquait !
Quant au postérieur bronzé (auquel il manque un petit quelque chose...), j'ai l'impression qu'il est sur le point de poser son séant sur un Tiramisu.
Swazziket si heureuse de revoir un peu de couleur et de Fun sur ce blog.
Mille bises Rose Indien

franswazz said...

Marie, merci de la visite
Miss Rose indien, comme toujours tu me fais bien rire. Je viens de lire ton commentaire mercredi a 8:37 du matin et c'est mon petit rayon de soleil avant de partir pour la prison.....mais je ne vois pas ce qui manque a ce "petit" suis un peu obtuse:)