Saturday, April 25, 2009

Race This Morning

A view of the event....

One of my fierce competitors

Oh, that felt good, right after the finish

Waiting for the medals

This one was taken back home, happy!
This race was for a very good cause, the New Mexico Autism Society, their first annual race event. A very pleasant one, beautiful morning. Steve chose not to do it in favor of the Run for the Zoo next weekend.
By the way, I think I was the only "skort" around! I have come to like running in one, very smooth, free running. I read somewhere that some guys really hate to be passed by a skirt! Yeah! I was hoping for 29' (after these long months recovering from injury) and so I was happy with my time of 28'13"!


Anonymous said...

Bravo, petite Rose Fushia, je vois que tutto va bene et que tes jolies gambettes sont toujours aussi agiles !
Speedy Gonzalès alias la souris sans moustaches.

franswazz said...

Jolie souris grise de Paris,
merci de ton commentaire, oui va bene mais peut-etre pas tutto:)
C'etait bon de te parler today
Bisous en tonne