Tuesday, October 7, 2008

New Papers and "New" Jeans

First the papers: I know, I know, one is wondering just when I will start cutting into those and DO SOMETHING!!!By the way, they are not as vivid as the picture shows.

Then my "new" pair of jeans, aptly named "destructed" jeans by those who wear them: teenagers and .........yours truly (perhaps some other nuts my age too). They arrived today and I could not wait to jump into them!

Now you might be asking yourself "what was she thinking?......Is she even more insane than I thought ...etc,"....so let me explain:
When I was young, during the dark ages, teenagers and young women wanted to look, well, somewhat older, elegant, glamorous, etc...NEVER would we had thought of wearing something......old looking, used or......God forbid....TORN, yuck, NEVER, OK????
The times, they are changing, dear readers, here I am, wearing my "brand new destructed" pair of jeans.....I had been lusting for a pair for some time but refused, I repeat, refused, to pay a designer's price (one can find them utterly destroyed for some amazing $200, yes, I know, it is sick).
After days, I mean hours, of online research I found this pair for a modest $34.50.....Yeah!
More on this later....like will I go out of my house? Or how long they will last.....

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